I hope to make this part of the website as useful for teachers as possible. If you have suggestions, please drop me a note.

You can find here PDFs of maps and timelines for your lectures. I regret that copyright restrictions prevented me from putting the textbook's images on this website, but you will be able to locate many of them via google images.

You might also find that my discussion of the textbook's cover offers a good teaching moment.

At Test Yourself, you'll find multiple choice questions for each chapter. Your students can see these, too, so use accordingly. You might, for example, encourage your students to check themselves with these questions by telling them that a selected few will appear on your own tests or quizzes.

Click here to see the basics of how I planned my own syllabus, for fall 2010.

Some items are missing from the new edition, but you'll find them online. (1) The citations have been fully updated for this edition, and they will lead you and your students to full editions of the sources quoted in the textbook. (2) The biography of Clotilda has been withdrawn from the print edition but made available online. (3) The same is true of the old appendix on popes and monarchs, which has been replaced in the new edition by more focused boxes in each chapter.

If you would like to order an examination copy of Medieval Europe: A Short History, start here.

McGraw-Hill hosts a separate website for this textbook that offers suggestions for teaching and sample tests. You will need a password (available from your local sales rep.) to get into the instructor's section.

Other Teaching Resources:

UK Project on "Exploring and Teaching Medieval History in Schools"